I’m finding more and more lately how frustrating it is to be a diabetic when you’re in a group full of non-diabetics.  They want to order out and hey, they decide they want to order to pizza!  Us diabetics, however, know the evils of pizza.  One slice, no matter how much insulin you take is guaranteed to raise your blood sugar to the 300 and oftentimes 400 range.  So when you politely decline and say you don’t want pizza, you get the death stare!  Or when you suggest a healthier snack and they look at you like you have 5 heads, you just want to crawl in a hole and die, which is what will happen if we all keep eating badly, diabetic or not!  So, I guess what I’m trying to say here is:  please, be nice to me when I say I don’t want something or, better yet, support me in my battle to pick the healthier option.  After all, with diabetes on the rise for all Americans, it may not be long until you’re one, too….


About julietalksdiabetes

Telling the daily struggles of living with Type I Diabetes for those who wish to commiserate or for those who just don't understand.....
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6 Responses to Frustration….

  1. jcastellano says:

    Hi Jules! I like your blog! Keep going with it!

  2. Dan Plank says:

    Hey Julie, I hear ya. Being in a group who wants pizza is rough with celiac disease too. Stay strong.

  3. eugene binder says:

    Here’s an example of a healthy lunch for diabetics, prepared by the professional dietician of the Steuben County senior lunch program. Hot dog on a white bun, cup of potato salad and apple pie made with tasteless fake sugar. Have you counted the carbs?

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