Family Matters

No, this post is not about Steve Urkel…..(::snorts:: “Did I do that?” LOL! Memories)…but this is another rather personal true story. I love telling true stories because inappropriate comments are made to diabetics on a daily basis. What I love sharing even more are true stories that come from my own family members.

Let’s start with July 4 (Can you tell I haven’t posted recently? – My apologies). At my own parents’ house, my father made a comment to me about asking if I should eat something. I actually said to him rather rudely, “Yes, I can eat that! Don’t make me write a blog post about you!” While I’m not, and have never claimed to be a “perfect” diabetic, it’s not okay for someone to ask me that! It’s especially not okay when it’s my father who should know better since I’ve lived with this disease for almost 22 years. I am not asking him if he should be smoking cigarettes, so how dare he ask me if it’s okay to eat something.

The second instance is another family member asking my mom why she was serving Crystal Light (a sugar-free sweetener mix similar to Kool-Aid). She doesn’t want the children consuming “artificial sweetener.” Um, do these family members forget that I’m diabetic?!? I guess so.

So, I guess my point to today’s blog post is that, in many ways, I expect the general public to be ignorant about certain diabetes-matters. However, when it’s my own family, it just plain irritates me. They should know better! I didn’t ask for this disease. I just ask for a certain level of knowledge, acknowledgement, and respect from my own.


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Telling the daily struggles of living with Type I Diabetes for those who wish to commiserate or for those who just don't understand.....
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