I’ve been so busy that I realized I haven’t posted in quite a while and not on my regular 2 week timeframe (I’m working on getting that back to normal).

Happy Belated Halloween! With that being said, I became really annoyed this year (although I think I am annoyed by this every year…) in regards to all the “treats” that naturally appear with this holiday.

It’s comments such as:

“Oh, I’m going to go into Diabetic Shock/Coma if I eat too much of this”
“If this doesn’t cause diabetes, I don’t know what will”
“I brought my Diabetic Cake” (because there’s “so much sugar in this recipe”)
“Can you eat that?”
And many, many more…

I heard these comments all last week by people I know (friends, family, coworkers), and even on TV. For some reason, I find the comments on TV the most ridiculous, however. My belief with TV is that they should have a consultant that works with the writing team. They do for medical shows, military shows, police dramas, so it’d be in their best interests to have one available to be accurate. I know that TV is not “real life” and that they are telling stories, whether drama or comedy. However, when most people in today’s world rely on the media and other technological outlets to receive their news and brief escape from reality, they should at least be hearing the TRUTH!

Eating too much candy/sweets/desserts does NOT cause diabetes! YOU, if you’re NOT diabetic, CANNOT go into Diabetic Shock/Coma if you eat too much of it! You might have a sick stomach, though! A Type 1 diabetic, like myself, just needs to take a few extra units of insulin and I can eat that “diabetic cake”. Could I go into a diabetic coma? Yes, because I have been. But it definitely is not because I ate something loaded with sugar. So, yes, I can eat that! Educate yourself and maybe next time you will think about that comment before you say it!


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Telling the daily struggles of living with Type I Diabetes for those who wish to commiserate or for those who just don't understand.....
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