That moment when….

….you take enough insulin to cover your entire dinner full of carbohydrates because you measured and/or scanned bar codes for exactly what you were eating using either your food scale and/or your LoseIt! ( app on your SmartPhone and you test your blood sugar 2 hours after eating and receive this:

wpid-img_20150624_200324_727.jpg .


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Merry Christmas

Wishing a Joyous Noel to all!

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I have an issue with Thanksgiving Day. Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe we should give thanks for everything we have, spend time with our family and friends, and thank God for the blessings he has bestowed on all of us, and the freedoms we have. However, I hate Thanksgiving food! As a diabetic, it’s about the worst holiday to even try to remotely eat healthy. Certain members of my family are the “meat and potatoes” type of people so the mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and stuffing MUST be served because we have to make people happy! But here’s why, as a diabetic, I don’t like Thanksgiving:

Mashed Potatoes: 1 cup = 35g of carbs
Stuffing: 1 cup = 44g of carbs
Pumpkin Pie: 1 slice = 41g of carbs
Sweet Potato: 1 medium-sized = 24g of carbs
Brown & Serve Dinner Roll: 1 = 13g of carbs

Grand Total: 157g of carbs and that’s if I only eat the serving size listed above! This isn’t even including all of the “hidden” carbs and additional food items that are on the table. This simply diagrams the basics. Don’t forget the cranberry, soup, vegetables, etc (whatever you and yours decides to cook). This is 157g of carbs for 1 meal! That’s approximately 5 meals worth of carbohydrates!

Every year I ask for healthier alternatives and every year I hear: “Well, what about X, what about Y, what about Z? And you know A, B, and C won’t eat that!”

Sigh, the exclusion continues…

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Today marks 22 years since my Type 1 diagnosis.  Happy Dia-versary to me!  Here’s to the next 22. 

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I’ve been so busy that I realized I haven’t posted in quite a while and not on my regular 2 week timeframe (I’m working on getting that back to normal).

Happy Belated Halloween! With that being said, I became really annoyed this year (although I think I am annoyed by this every year…) in regards to all the “treats” that naturally appear with this holiday.

It’s comments such as:

“Oh, I’m going to go into Diabetic Shock/Coma if I eat too much of this”
“If this doesn’t cause diabetes, I don’t know what will”
“I brought my Diabetic Cake” (because there’s “so much sugar in this recipe”)
“Can you eat that?”
And many, many more…

I heard these comments all last week by people I know (friends, family, coworkers), and even on TV. For some reason, I find the comments on TV the most ridiculous, however. My belief with TV is that they should have a consultant that works with the writing team. They do for medical shows, military shows, police dramas, so it’d be in their best interests to have one available to be accurate. I know that TV is not “real life” and that they are telling stories, whether drama or comedy. However, when most people in today’s world rely on the media and other technological outlets to receive their news and brief escape from reality, they should at least be hearing the TRUTH!

Eating too much candy/sweets/desserts does NOT cause diabetes! YOU, if you’re NOT diabetic, CANNOT go into Diabetic Shock/Coma if you eat too much of it! You might have a sick stomach, though! A Type 1 diabetic, like myself, just needs to take a few extra units of insulin and I can eat that “diabetic cake”. Could I go into a diabetic coma? Yes, because I have been. But it definitely is not because I ate something loaded with sugar. So, yes, I can eat that! Educate yourself and maybe next time you will think about that comment before you say it!

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Person to Know: Brandy Barnes

I have mentioned the organization DiabetesSisters in previous posts on this blog ( Recently, the founder of DiabetesSisters, Brandy Barnes, was mentioned in Diabetes Forecast Magazine’s People to Know 2014 Issue. The following is the article, written by a fellow DiabetesSister Cherise Shockley, whom I met in April at the Weekend for Women Conference, which I’ve also previously posted about on my blog (

Please enjoy reading this article! I am so glad to be able to share it!

People to Know 2014: Brandy Barnes

By Cherise Shockley
October 2014

Brandy Barnes, Community Builder

When Brandy Barnes was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 15, she had one objective: prove to her peers (and herself) that diabetes would not stop her. Fast forward a decade, and Brandy has done just that.

In January 2008, she founded the nonprofit DiabetesSisters organization to provide education, support, and advocacy for women of all ages with all types of diabetes. Through this valuable resource, members can learn about health risks and prevention, find support from women who really “get” diabetes, and learn how to advocate better for themselves and others with the disease.

When I met Brandy in 2009, DiabetesSisters had a uniquely empowering and diverse online community where women shared triumphs, mistakes, accomplishments, and laughter. Since then, the membership has grown to over 10,000 people, and Brandy and her team have expanded their programs by adding the PODS (Part of DiabetesSisters) Meetup program, a conference series (see “Sisters and Friends”), and Life Class webinars.

Over the past seven years, Brandy and DiabetesSisters have changed the lives of thousands of women with diabetes by welcoming them into the haven of their sisterhood. They have created bonds that reach beyond a diabetes diagnosis, educating and supporting women through some of their most challenging life stages with diabetes: dating, pregnancy, motherhood, menopause, and more.

The organization’s mission is one I can get behind, so when Brandy and her team approached me with an opportunity to help bring the diabetes community together for a DiabetesSisters social media meetup featuring my DSMA (Diabetes Social Media Advocacy) Live radio show, I could not resist. I was honored and happy to oblige.

Last year, I attended my first DiabetesSisters conference in San Francisco. I was a little nervous walking through the door, but as soon as I saw 100 women going through the same challenges as I was and talking openly about them, I felt at home. The education, information, and stories were life changing and made me realize that I need to be surrounded by “sisters”—sisters, like Brandy Barnes, who understand my diabetes and me.

Author’s Note: Cherise Shockley was diagnosed with latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA) in 2004. She is the founder and creator of Diabetes Social Media Advocacy (DSMA) and conducts weekly live Twitter chats and Blog Talk Radio shows for people affected by diabetes. She’s a speaker and presenter on the topic of social media and health.

(C) Diabetes Forecast, October 2014

For more information, visit:

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Family Matters

No, this post is not about Steve Urkel…..(::snorts:: “Did I do that?” LOL! Memories)…but this is another rather personal true story. I love telling true stories because inappropriate comments are made to diabetics on a daily basis. What I love sharing even more are true stories that come from my own family members.

Let’s start with July 4 (Can you tell I haven’t posted recently? – My apologies). At my own parents’ house, my father made a comment to me about asking if I should eat something. I actually said to him rather rudely, “Yes, I can eat that! Don’t make me write a blog post about you!” While I’m not, and have never claimed to be a “perfect” diabetic, it’s not okay for someone to ask me that! It’s especially not okay when it’s my father who should know better since I’ve lived with this disease for almost 22 years. I am not asking him if he should be smoking cigarettes, so how dare he ask me if it’s okay to eat something.

The second instance is another family member asking my mom why she was serving Crystal Light (a sugar-free sweetener mix similar to Kool-Aid). She doesn’t want the children consuming “artificial sweetener.” Um, do these family members forget that I’m diabetic?!? I guess so.

So, I guess my point to today’s blog post is that, in many ways, I expect the general public to be ignorant about certain diabetes-matters. However, when it’s my own family, it just plain irritates me. They should know better! I didn’t ask for this disease. I just ask for a certain level of knowledge, acknowledgement, and respect from my own.

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